Tyler Chronicles was born in Inglewood, CA and immediately knew he was here to make people laugh, but chose to pursue his first love of basketball. Basketball lead him to receiving a BA in Communications and an MBA in Managerial Economics. Learning quickly that the corporate world would not be satisfactory he decided to audition for an Improv Group (Snack Pack Comedy). Shortly after joining the crew he ventured out to do Stand-Up, and has been on stages ever since. He is most known for his off the top freestyling flow of comedy and hosting events from Comedy Shows, Family Reunions, Corporate Events and even Athletic Events. 

He has opened for comedians such as Cedric The Entertainer,

Rodney Perry, Joe Torry and a host of others. You can catch him every week on Bossip.com and touring the country changing lives one laugh at a time. Tyler was recently selected as one of the most talked about comedians by ComedyHype.

Tyler has had an appearance on MTV and is sure to invade your airwaves this year and beyond.

   Comic Review

"Hey man, my wife and I saw you at Taboo2 this past Saturday and you were hilarious. Keep going!!" - Al Rolden

"Flip Soap!!!!! HAHAHAHA Now I have a name for it. Great Job tonight bro"- Jeffrey Baldwin

"Hilarious and Sexy"- Julissa Morgan

"I see this guy at Cloud IX every week and its always new material, he's like the Lil Wayne of Comedy" -Tony Sevn

"You are on your way!! There were a lot of comedians on this show, you stood out" - Haleah Swinguhl


SW Atlanta GA 30331
 .(404) 451-2167

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